A profession which levelled up the life style of human being every decade. But now it has become a graduation to create man power for the world and not powerful man. The life of most Engineering students are at stake not because they have not studied engineering well it’s because the system hasn’t taught what real Engineering is. Our vision is to create Engineers destined for business ready Entrepreneurs and not industry ready professionals. While travelling to our vision, we have created a mission which strongly recommends to analyse, Explore and innovate.

We stand with our motto,

அவையறிந்து ஆராய்ந்து சொல்லுக

Which describes know the audience before you present your content. We believe that we are providing training to Engineers who can change the happenings in upcoming decades.

Real Engineering

What is a real engineering

Earth is the only planet which has gravitational force which allows the beings to stand firmly on their own legs. But nowadays, engineers are seeking an easier way to settle their life because they were not taught properly to grow their self confidence The way to teach engineering has to change and we are focussing completely on it. Engineering is neither memorising the content of book nor scoring good aggregates, instead to analyse and explore the minute integral part of the technology which enables them to innovate.

Training Methodology

தம்மின் தம்மக்கள் அறிவுடைமை

Which says a true teacher will always emphasize the greatness of their students than them. Definitions given by somebody is not going to yield knowledge, as you go on drilling down the concept deeply. To learn cycling, reading hundred books will not help but getting onto the cycle does, the unspoken difference between teaching and training. Here we create an ambience for the trainees to question, oppose and argue with the trainer to understand the real purpose of each and every concept. This help them to get trained and not being taught.

Key Aspects

  • Individual system with unlimited access for every single trainer to explore practically.
  • Scenario based examples will be discussed for each and every concept.
  • The most relevant definition suggested by the trainee would be taken into consideration.

Our Services

Product Development & Creating Entrepreneur

Our only service is creating Entrepreneurs by developing software product. It's a 2 year program where the students will be trained on .NET for the first 6 months and will be guided to develop & host the product in next 6 months. The next one year will be for registering the concern in the name of the software product & marketing the same.

We involve only 3rd year Engineering & 1st year MCA students. We accomodate 50 students per year.

Our Process

Course Phase - 6 months

  • Programs (1 month)
  • C#.Net (1 & half months)
  • Structured Querying Language - SQL (1 month)
  • ASP.Net (1 month)
  • Scripting (Half month)
  • Demo Project (1 month)

Development Phase - 6 months

  • Idea Research, Documentation
  • Sitemap, Workflow
  • Wireframe, DB Design
  • Web Design, Connectivity
  • Logical Coding, Integration
  • Testing, Hosting

Marketing Phase - 1 year

  • Common Marketing Strategies
  • Inviting Shareholders
  • Visiting Companies & Delegates
  • Stall Marketing
  • Strategies will be framed based on the product development

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Our Product Details


Live from 2017 December

Developed By: Final year engineering students of 2017

Vinaithitpam is a platform for all your course needs. Search & Explore courses with diversified opportunities. Compare & Contrast Institutions


To be Launched in 2018 May

Nunkalam is a social media based product to bridge the gap between Engineering Students and Corporates.


To be Launched in 2018 June

Arivusandhai is a forum where a student can ask for a share to his project ideas or else buy or sell his product.


Published on 2017 December

Written By: Final year engineering students of 2018

Menniyal is a book on .NET (C#) Programming

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